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Mural in Camps Bay
Bonaire $million Mansion


De Stijl Series
Memories from 2016. Off to London. This work was part of a series of 6. As we do when we are on the phone, we pick up a pen and doodle.
So, I was doodling Ana, in pencil onto a Post-it Note. I had a little time and must have subconsciously gone over them in pen in a square format.
One thing led to another and I explored the female form in a more simplified straight line style. It worked. But it needed something else. I saw a book on De Stijl art in Hout Bay Gallery and joined the dots. I did numerous takes until the sketches were perfected. I rounded the colours off to 5 blocks of red, blue, yellow and white. And so the De Stijl series was born. I'm sure Piet Mondrian will approve. #pietmondrian #mondrian #art see the photos >>

Price: POR
Edition: 1
Medium: Impasto and Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 100 x 100 x 5cm (39 x 39 x 2inches)

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