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Richard Scott in Frankfurt

Contact Andreas Bill to make an appointment:
+49 171 173 6673

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The future for the South African Pop artist, celebrated at home and abroad, is looking as bright and bold as his paintings

Bright, bold colours - reds, greens, golds, blues, yellows, candystripes and concentric circles - pop with undiluted energy from the canvas.

Deep black lines define their subjects in fields of pure, dazzling white.

Trees, cats, nudes, scooters.

And somewhere in the corner, the artist's name, stamped in playful lowercase. Richard.

That's Richard Scott, the Cape Town artist who in just ten years has crafted a career, an industry, a brand, and a prolific body of work that has become much sought-after by Pop Art aficionados in many parts of the world.

Now Richard, who calls his style "Nave Pop", is set to conquer new territories and explore new possibilities with a major retrospective exhibition at the studio of acclaimed fashion photographer Pete Ruppert in Frankfurt.

The exhibition, opening on September 1, 2012, will feature 25 of Richard's iconic works, in sizes ranging from 40 X 40cm to a massive 300 X 150cm.

This will be Richard's first exhibition in Germany, where his works have been selling well for the last five years, just as they have in Italy, the United Kingdom, and South Africa.

"This exhibition will take me above the radar," says Richard, "where the real art world takes note. I've been telling people about this day for five years. It's finally here. I've reached the point where I can finally paint what I want, and release it not just as a body of work, but as a modern-day brand."

Richard, who qualified as a technical illustrator before becoming a full-time artist in 2001, had his first exhibition at a small gallery in Hout Bay a decade ago.

Since then, he has stamped his name on the art scene with brash confidence, bright brushstrokes, and a sense of marketing acumen that slyly belies his claim to pop naivety.

Richard has now recalled all his works on consignment from around the world, and will future only release works through exhibitions, with another to follow in London in November, and three more scheduled for 2013.

"This will be the last chance the public has to acquire an existing work that I've painted," says Richard.

This is an artist who knows the value of his art, but more than that, knows the value of his vision, which includes a range of Richard Scott-branded merchandise, from clothing to homeware, prints for sale through a network of galleries and dealers, and the Richard Scott Foundation, which will set up seven "art hubs" around the world.

Mark this moment: the Richard Scottification of the Art World has begun!

*For more information contact :
Bill & Partner @ Pete Ruppert Studios
Robert Bosch Str. 8
35510 Butzbach

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