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2004 - Winter

Richard Has That Ring Of Confidence
Richard's entry into the Brett Kebble Art Award 2004, get some exposure in the local Sentinal.Click here for more details

IOL Front Page
Mars Gets some coverage on the front page of IOL. Click here for more details

Modern art fit for your lounge - or pocket
By Igsaan Salie

Why didn't I think of that? That's the question that will be on your lips when you see Richard Scott's latest artwork, all drawn on his cellular phone. Click here for more details

MARS 2004
After drawing a picture on a Sony Ericsson P800 mobile phone Richard was inspired to explore this medium further. Richard immediately purchased a Sony Ericsson P900 and started playing. The limited capability of the phone in application would become the canvas, which suited Richard's style of nave pop art. The mass global demand for new concepts, through technology, would be the vehicle. 'Mobile phones are not designed to be canvasses for artists' Says Richard. 'I just had to fine tune the idea and hold on tight'.

After many hour of research, it was decided that 7 artwork's would be digitally produced on the phone and phones be editioned to 7 plus 1 Artist Proof/Working Canvas (APWC). An edition within an edition.

The 7 artwork's created on the phone will also be printed to giclee. Thus the final piece includes; a brand new, fully functional Sony Ericsson P900 with the 7 artwork's on. Also a giclee print of each artwork.

Click here for more details

Powdercoated Bronze Sculptures
Richard's Bronze Cat Sculptures have been 2 years in the making. From the original conception in 2002, until the final finished product in 2004. Richard wanted to create sculpture in the same style as his paintings; thick black lines, lots of contrast and colourful.

Click here for more details

Click here to download document

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